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Rob Portman Story Page - USATODAY.com Color Ohio Purple
Our published letter about Ohio workers bruised by politicians, NAFTA. The Plain Dealer's Nov. 4 headline should have read, "Ohio's turn ... Ray Tapajna, Cleveland We had a Democratic ...
See full story at
Color all red blue states purple 1st - The Rationale
The Rationale Quest - Philosophy and Religion latent state in the global economic arena... Color Ohio purple. It is a mix of the same thing, and Ohio is still deeply bruised ...

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Our articles and art are about  the workday where we spend most of our time. Tapsearch Com World now has 1000s of resources online. Search under tapsearch.com, tapart news, ray tapajna live, tapsearcher or arklineart. A list of our sites can be viewed at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews , the original site online since 1998.  Other main sites are http://tapsearch.com/flatworld  and http://tapsearch.com/bewildered-global-economy

Summary of news and issues sites at

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1000s of resources online ....
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of Free Trade Economics -
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Courtesy of Ray Tapajna Living Healing and Valentine Flowers for You that Last Forever at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com  Enjoy all the Free Tools and Promoters. Ray's Living Art is based on Color Therapy (Chromotherapy). We recently sold our Healing Flowers for You art on Metal. Metal art is a great way to impact viewers of art on this media. See story about this at http://color-therapy-art.tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna/id18.html and say the Healing Prayer from the fields of the 23rd Psalm and let the living healing waters come your way to wash your troubles away. http://ray-tapajna-info.net/healing-prayer

Take a break and watch a slide show of our new Living Healing Art from http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com  You can actually watch the healing blue waters coming your way at our bio page at  http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna
and help us spread our healing art and flowers for you that last forever.

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Special Announcement: Website aids special-needs famlies in many ways is based in Northeast Ohio but offers many ideas and services for all to consider.  It is a "Angie List for special services for special needs.  See http://livespecial.com - the click that connects.  We welcome all connections to enjoy all  our Tapsearch Com unlimited free services to promote their efforts and brand them. Promote your  webpages. business, advocacy or any endeaor. We also invite all to view our Living Healing Color Therapy Art live and in motion at
http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna  You can  show it  for FREE   this way to loved ones and others in need in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers etc. or whenever you need a break, have a mental block or need more inspiration, come by and linger awhile to refresh your spirits and your day.
Let the healing waters come your way to wash your troubles away.

Please note:  Many things change constantly and  it is difficult to edit sites regularly. So forgive us if you get a dead link once in awhile. We also suggest you open any links in a new window browers so you can return to the page you want you are on.

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Tapsearch Com Top Picks of Local Businesses in NE Ohio , featuring History making new Tugboat (of Hope) Made in USA- Click on Super Link for all businesses under 1 url address- Click http://squid.me/t  or http://squid.me/u ( Sites are a Free Courtesy of Tapsearch Com in promoting local value added economies with Link Bunch Free all-in-one Link Service ) 
Here is an interesting site for schools to take advantage of-

School Info » Rubber Ducky Posse

If you would like more information on how we can install The Rubber Ducky Posse program to curtail bullying in your school and what is available to schools in general email ...

Here is a Super Link web page that links you to most of Tapsearch Com sites by categories, click on http://tapsearch.com/super-links  and enter the world of Tapsearch Com sites.  You can tweet your twitter message fast directly from this site.  For many, it is faster than doing it at Twitter directly. ( can also tweet at http://terry-dorsey.tapsearch.com/arklinefreebies 

The Federal Trade Commission has a good booklet, CD, DVD etc  about problems on the internet for children. It is free and schools can order it in bulk from
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Top Free Articles for your Blog about current economic money crisis, Free Trade and Globalization. Most popular article is Lend Lease was real Free Trade and not Chop Liver as in Globalist World. See also book review of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.  Articles are free to copy to your blog or ezine - see http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ray_Tapajna  ( Platium rated articles )
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